Blog Posts That I’d Love To Write But Don’t Have The Energy To.

So I’m going to be completely honest; I’m exhausted. Absolutely, one hundred percent exhausted. After spending three months traveling the continental United States and finally settling in Chicago as a new resident, my mind has been racing with new ideas. My body, fingers mainly, have refused to cooperate to write a decent blog post. Because the notes section of my phone is bustling with brief concepts, I’ve decided to compile them all into one listicle for your reading pleasure. I’d love to make this an interactive post; if there’s a particular idea that you’d love to hear more about, please feel free to comment below and serve as my motivation to write a full-length post on it.

  1. After listening to the This American Life podcast series on school integration and beginning my work in a Chicago elementary school, I have a lot of feelings about what school integration looks like and why the discussion needs to be completely reframed. My experience is minimal but my thoughts are plenty. Jumbled, but plentiful.
  2. We also need to discuss why being in predominantly POC communities cannot be equated to predominantly white communities because of, you know, socioeconomics?
  3. Are neighborhood names a direct result of gentrification? Inspired by the fact that growing up, I described my neighborhood by main streets and bus routes. As gentrification began to take my city by storm, suddenly every nook and cranny had a name. I had never uttered the words Brightwood to describe my community until “right up Georgia Ave” was no longer descriptive enough.
  4. I believe that the next step in inclusion of POC in the arts is the rise of the Black mermaid. I will be forming a comprehensive plan on how to integrate Black mermaids into everyday art concepts, ending with a Black Mermaid art gallery.
  5. Being a first-generation Black American child with heavy ties to my family’s Sierra Leonean heritage, how is my Blackness perceived? Is my use of AAVE and love for hip-hop and soul music viewed as appropriative? Do I even fully understand my Blackness yet?
  6. How does one find the balance between snapping at every microagression and being complacent?

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