2016: The Visual Album

2016 was tf terrible. Like…there are no words for how terrible this year was. I’m¬†typically not a big NewYears person (that’s my mama, crying when midnight hits every year) but I’m conflicted on how to feel. On one hand, I’m more than ready for this year to end, but on another hand, I have a hard time remaining positive about the year to come with our president elect inciting nuclear war with China and such. This upcoming year is one of uncertainty, but with certainty I can say that I can’t live another year of feeling hopeless. As an effort to inspire hope in myself, that even in the worst year of my life, there were little flecks of light, here are the highlights of my 2016 in pictures.

January: The year of immense CY burnout. I managed to escape six months later.

March: Party Noire in the infamous gray dress. Qua and Kyndall saved me in 2016.

May: Everything sucked after Prince died but I got to spend one of my absolute favorite days of the year with my students at their track meet.

May: My tickets for the Formation Tour were miraculously upgraded, I was a few rows from the stage, and Beyonce kicked holy water onto me. And it rained during her cover of Purple Rain. Magic.

July: Ramadan was my entire June so I spent all of it indoors asleep on my bed. I went to NOLA in July and ate a month’s worth of good food in a week.

August: Camping with AD. Almost got into it with an axe murderer/whistling man in the woods.

September:¬†Started school and life went downhill from there but I won this copy of Solange’s lyric book so positives.

October: Missy Elliot for Halloween.


This year sucked but I looked cute. The end.

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