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Black Woman Gone Bougie & Other Grad School Fears

My grad school acceptance felt like a fairytale. I imagined myself as a little girl, a Black braided Rapunzel in reverse, looking upon that big white tower in front of me with wide eyes and ambition. I see myself tossing my braids to the highest window of the tower, pulling myself up, right foot over left, with fervor. I trek,…

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Blog Posts That I’d Love To Write But Don’t Have The Energy To.

So I’m going to be completely honest; I’m exhausted. Absolutely, one hundred percent exhausted. After spending three months traveling the continental United States and finally settling in Chicago as a new resident, my mind has been racing with new ideas. My body, fingers mainly, have refused to cooperate to write a decent blog post. Because the notes section of my…

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14 Things I Do To Actively Love My Blackness

For the past month, I’ve spent my time in San Antonio participating in a program titled the African American Literatures and Cultures Institute under the supervision of the incredible Dr. Joycelyn Moody and Dr. Howard Rambsy. Through the program, I’ve made a pretty tight clique of young scholars on the path of reaching greatness in Black Studies. Through all the immense…

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