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Baby Hairs & Black Girl Magic.

What always mystifies me about Beyonce is her ability to ruin the lives of the same Black women she puts on for in her music and videos. Immediately after the release of her latest song “Formation”, I played the song on repeat for the next hour, screaming expletives at my computer screen and reaching for what was left of my…

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Posts From The Crypt: A Read For Rachel Dolezal

Believe it or not, I’m actually a Black woman. Wide-lipped, broad-nosed, kinky-haired, chocolate-skinned Black. Followed around department stores once or twice Black. “Mhm sista girl” when white women wanna relate Black. Always capitalize the B in Black, baby, Black. Rachel Dolezal, who bestowed herself with the title of Black woman ten years ago, is not. I’m not wasting my energy…

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