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Black Woman Gone Bougie & Other Grad School Fears

My grad school acceptance felt like a fairytale. I imagined myself as a little girl, a Black braided Rapunzel in reverse, looking upon that big white tower in front of me with wide eyes and ambition. I see myself tossing my braids to the highest window of the tower, pulling myself up, right foot over left, with fervor. I trek,…

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In Case You Missed It: Black History Month Recap

February is secretly my favorite month, much to the surprise of people that know me. Despite the fact that it produces temperatures that no child of West African immigrants should ever have to endure, there are so many positive things to celebrate about the month of February. Mainly, the birth of my favorite Pisces Erykah Badu, but more importantly, Black History…

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Diversity & Other Lies Told By My University – Ferguson Edition

One hour ago, I gathered with friends to stand in solidarity. We stood strong, chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot; Black lives matter!” in the Quad circle, first in a small group of about ten people, later growing to twenty people standing in solidarity with us.Tonight, I got a taste of Rutgers Diversity at its finest. The Rutgers Diversity that shines…

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